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Kids Mobile Fitness was born out of a desire to promote health and fitness to children in a fun way that they would love, eagerly participate and easily understand.

Founder Amanda Teets has always been passionate about health and fitness.  She started teaching kids fitness programs in 2004 and worked as a certified personal trainer.  After starting her own family in 2007, she realized that not only was fitness an important part of her family’s lives, but finding balance was just as important.

That’s when she started creating a portfolio of programs for kids to help other families more easily find that balance as well.

“We put together programs that help build a child’s confidence, balance, and strength,”  Amanda explained. “We encourage children to explore their natural talents in fun exciting ways, teaching them about healthy fitness through gentle coaching and guided play.”

Only a small amount of space is needed — even just a hallway — for kids to participate in one of the fun weekly themed class sessions.  Kids Mobile Fitness even provides supportive equipment, like safety mats and exercise props.

Flexible programs complement and adapt easily into local daycare center programs, after school care and home group daycares, church and community recreation centers, Montessori, charter school, home school and latchkey programs.  They also offer the perfect solution for those Early Childhood and Lower Elementary School programs that have experienced a reduction in their traditional physical education programs.

“Studies have shown that children involved in regular structured exercise tend to earn better grades and have improved social skills,” Amanda continued. “Additionally, with the general reduction of physical activities in many children’s daily lives in recent years, the number of overweight young children has increased.  Kids Mobile Fitness helps to provide a way to fill these gaps with our supportive and flexible programs.”

We look forward to sharing the joy of healthy fitness exercise and education with you!

Come join us!

Founder, Kids Mobile Fitness
A Local Michigan Owned & Operated Small Business

Kids Mobile Fitness currently supports the following local Michigan down river communities:
Gross Isle, Trenton, Riverview, Allen Park, Wyandotte, Lincoln Park, Dearborn

To find out more about Kids Mobile Fitness programs, contact Amanda directly at:
Phone:  313-770-6110

Or send a message here through our website contact form.