Themed Fitness: Antarctica Day

Kids Mobile Fitness – a sample themed class session:

Antarctica Day

Today we went to the freezing South Pole using our snowflake fingers to warm up and stretch our bodies.

We went on our icy snow bubble (the Bosu).

We balanced on each foot, wiggled our snowflake fingers in the air AND spelled our names all at the same time!

We balanced across the arctic bridge (floor beam), on our tippy toes stepping over the balls of ice while counting!

We continued on to the penguin igloo throwing blocks of ice inside.

On the ice mat, we moved on our bellies like penguins, and held our hands and feet up for a few seconds (strength for lower back).

Last but not least, we pretended to ice skate down the frozen stream, (leg strength and coordination).

After this we were pretty warm in the South Pole, the coldest place on earth!!

~Amanda Teets
Keeping Kids Fit and Healthy!