Themed Fitness: North Pole Challenge

Kids Mobile Fitness – a sample themed class session:

Holiday North Pole Challenge

Today in fitness class we warmed up our super strong muscles using our snowballs and jumped as high as we could with them.

While holding our snowballs above our heads, we balanced on one foot AND counted backward starting with number ten!

We pretended to make show angels, moving our bodies really fast!

We rolled down the icy hill with our snowballs between us! (Straddle roll on the wedge mat)

We continued down the red ribbon stepping over presents and Santa hats on our tippy toes, WHILE spelling the word Elf!

Then we crawled through the ice cave forward and backward on our bellies using our strong arms.

We pretended we were Santa’s elves peddling our big wheel to the end with all our gifts loaded on the back!


~Amanda Teets
Keeping Kids Fit and Healthy!